The BATT Heliport System includes compact and powerful PLCs and LED lighting technology to control and illuminate obstacles, FATO and TLOF.

Control Series

The BATTCon Lighting Control System is a modular and scalable system dedicated for the control of mid-range distributed lighting systems in various applications, as Heliports, Obstacle Lighting Systems, General Lighting Applications.

The 2CON series from BATT provides the platform for monitoring and controlling the complete lighting system.
The powerful 2CON HMI, together with the 2CON PLC, enables powerful and easy web-based system integration.

Elevated Lights

The 2EL series includes LED-Lights for elevated application.

Designated as Visual Aids for Heliports or Helidecks, Onshore, Offshore and Vessels, the 2EL Series provides LED-Floodlight as well as TLOF, FATO FPAGL Lights.

The Lights fully comply with the requirements of ICAO Annex 14. Vol. 2, BMVI AVV I36/06 and FOCA Guideline.

Elevated Obstacle Lights

The 2EL-OBS Obstruction light Series are compact low intensity LED lights, designated to denote aviation obstacles on elevated structures, compliant with ICAO Annex 14 Vol 1., EASA CS-ADR-DSN, FOCA AD I-006 and BMVI AVV Hindernisbefeuerung.

5″ Inset Lights

The 2IL5 Inset LED-Lights are designated as Visual Aids for Heliports or Helidecks, Offshore and on Vessels. Wherever a low elevation is required, the LED luminaires from the 2IL5 series can win you over with their compact design.

8″ Inset Lights

With the 2IL8 series, airport lighting applications can be implemented on 6.6A series circuit. With the extension via an 8inch adapter ring, the 2IL5 LED lights can be installed in 8inch shallow base.

Hardware and Accessories

For additional installation material, including all accessories for Inset-, Elevated and Obstacle Series.